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Conducting effective risk and vulnerability assessments through Acorn

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The Challenge

With the consistent evolution of communities, infrastructure and demographics to consider, Scottish Fire & Rescue (SFRS) required accurate and reliable data evidence to support their ongoing service improvements.

The Solution

SFRS were equipped with CACI’s Acorn and Household Acorn consumer segmentation, supported by advice on how best to use it for delivering targeted insights and outcomes. 
Damien Griffith, Strategic Analyst, explained how SFRS has leveraged the data to measure patterns of risk and vulnerability. 
We use a GIS approach, combining geographic information from the Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase (Gazetteer) with social and demographic data drawn from the Acorn datasets,” he said. “Using the unique property reference enables us to match Acorn housing types with our own data for five years of fire incidents.”

The Benefits

SFRS asks incident response teams to complete a record at the scene, but it’s often not possible to obtain all the information for a comprehensive report at the time. 
Acorn datasets allow SFRS to identify house types at the scene of incidents, amounting to 450,000 identifications made in the last five years. Acorn continues to support the modelling and identification of future FRS community risk and associated demand, as well as determining the most vulnerable household types in each area.

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