How Acorn works

A modern and innovative approach to geodemographic segmentation

Acorn works by combining geography with demographics and information about the characteristics and behaviours of consumers

Backed by leading AI techniques, extensive input data, detailed product collateral and dashboards, Acorn is easy-to-use with applications across the whole of your organisation, revolutionising your approach to consumers.

The detailed consumer information you gain with Acorn enables you to create effective business strategies. From personalising content to resonate with different audiences to ensuring you locate your next store in the best possible location, Acorn provides the insights you need to help you plan and prepare for the future.

A unique and radically different approach to geodemographics

Data sources

Vast amounts of up-to-date data sources are combined with the latest Census information to create the foundation of the segmentation


AI techniques are used to comprehend and best utilise the data to create a postcode level dataset


The latest Deep Learning techniques have been used to allocate postcodes to the most appropriate Acorn Category, Group and Type


Profiling is facilitated by applying the segmentation to research panels to build out rich insight into each segment

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