About Us

CACI helps organisations like yours transform by merging the power of talent, data and technology. We are the UK’s leading consumer and market data analysis company, working with global brands across a range of public and private sectors to optimise performance.

Acorn – the original segmentation tool

CACI has been building robust classification systems which have been trusted and used by organisations across the UK for over 40 years. Originally launched in 1975, the Acorn segmentation tool has extensively supported businesses with enhancing their consumer understanding and has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the UK population.

As the first agency to be granted permission to use Census data, we’ve developed an intricate understanding of this data over the years. This has encompassed both how to analyse and group the data to create the custom Acorn segments as well as identifying any gaps in the data and how best to fill them.
Our team of data scientists are known for their rigorous statistical expertise and use the latest AI and machine learning techniques to turn vast amounts of data into useful and actionable insights.

A broad range of data and marketing services from CACI

We provide a range of services beyond Acorn that leverage geodemographic data to help you better understand the population and location of your customer base and identify any socio-economic factors within your catchment area. Our public sector clients use our data in many cases to accurately target the provision of social services.

What we do

Consumer & market data insights

Our powerful consumer and location data solutions provide you with up-to-date, actionable insights on today’s consumer.

Marketing Technology

From the initial decision through to optimisation, our MarTech experts ensure you’re equipped with a tech stack that will deliver ROI.

Customer Marketing Solutions

Our unique combination of MarTech expertise and consumer insights means that we can support you in creating the ultimate customer experience.

Location Strategy

Our unparalleled understanding of how people interact with places will strengthen your investment and operational decisions. Through data, we’ll help you determine location opportunities that will bolster your performance and future growth.

Logistics Planning

We simplify the complex process of logistics planning and management. Our extensive experience in logistics consulting, solutions and delivery helps you overcome challenges and map out optimal approaches for that will maximise your ROI.

Data Science

Our blend of data and technology expertise puts analytics to work in clear, visual and actionable ways. Whether it’s store planning or predictive insights, we can help you turn your data into action.