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The Challenge

OneFamily were looking to deliver accurate, low-waste customer targeting. Julian D’Aguiar, Customer Data Manager at OneFamily, explained how business functions and customer insights could flourish if they could leverage the right data.  
“We are a progressive, innovative financial services organisation and we’re dedicated to developing products that meet the needs of today’s generation,” he said. “That’s why we’re strong advocates of data science, using it to determine strategy and product development and to help us predict market trends. Targeting effectively minimises waste and maximises value and relevance to our customers.”

The Solution

Acorn and Fresco generated detailed insights into OneFamily’s existing customers to understand and meet their needs and locate similar target groups. “Acorn and Fresco compare well with other segmentation models I’ve used in my career: we believe they’re best of breed products in our sector,” Julian continued. “We can zoom in to understand the preferences and needs of customers in granular detail, then locate other similar target groups.” 

The Benefits

OneFamily can now prioritise recipients for cross-selling or upselling campaigns through Fresco and Acorn data, connecting them with products that meet their needs.  

We’re working towards a consistent understanding of our key customers, to help us communicate better and consistently right across the OneFamily business.”

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