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Location investigation and reporting with Acorn insight

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The Challenge

Sophie Hailey, Monkey Puzzle’s Franchising and Property Acquisitions Associate explains: “Before we engaged with CACI, when we were looking at a new site, the only demographic research we would do was competitor analysis. We would type the site postcode into the OFSTED website and look at comparable sites in a five-mile radius

When you visit a site, you can get a good feel for a location. This is really important, as is the competitor research, but we needed more information and evidence to back up our decisions, as our network expands. We wanted to give our franchisees confidence as well as committing to the right sites for our model.”

The Solution

Acorn data and InSite reporting would give Sophie and the team access to valuable customer demographic and local market information to enrich their understanding of new and existing sites and opportunities in the local area.  

The site reports we generate help us to narrow down potential sites quickly – we look at a number of factors about the catchment that tell us whether it’s worth investigating a proposed site further. We can see how close it is to existing sites, so we can avoid cannibalisation, as well as how strong the customer demand might be in the local community and workforce.” 

The Benefits

With InSite and Acorn, Sophie and her colleagues have a clear, shared knowledge base that informs the franchise development process with consistent and up-to-date customer and location information. 

The maps mean Monkey Puzzle can take a more proactive approach to franchise searches. Sophie says, “We can identify gaps in our coverage areas and prioritise those with the most promising customer mix in the catchment.”  

Working with new franchisees, Sophie can show them information about the types of household and persona that make up most of Monkey Puzzle’s customers. It helps them understand who they’re catering for, where they live and what matters to them when the new franchisee is planning services and communication.

Read the full customer story here. For more information on how our data and solutions can support your business growth please get in touch with us.

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