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Using Paycheck and Household Acorn data to meet residents’ needs & receive funding

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The Challenge

In recent years, household changes and circumstances have become increasingly prominent and have created obvious shifts. Gregor Docherty, Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economic Development Officer, explained the limitations that their data created for the council when trying to better understand the people who live in the area. 
Although we have some data of our own, we don’t have the range and breadth of it to provide the information the council needs today. I was given the challenge of improving our data insight, to give us a clearer view of the areas the Council looks after and the needs of the people who live there,” he explained. 
In the last two years, during and since the pandemic, there have been big changes in household incomes and circumstances, including changes in who’s receiving universal credit. We needed up-to-date and detailed insight that could help us benchmark our community’s income distribution and provide evidence to help us target funding and services.”

The Solution

Dumfries and Galloway Council were equipped with Paycheck data to support their enhanced customer understanding. They have also added the Household and Wellbeing Acorn datasets to gain additional insight into the lifestyle, income, and risk factors of the council’s residents at a local level. This helps them innately examine areas of need and deliver value and impact from their services and programmes.

The Benefits

Using information modelled from CACI’s data, Dumfries and Galloway Council successfully applied for Borderland Inclusive Growth Deal funding. Gregor created a Dumfries and Galloway datazone profile, to bring all available information together cohesively and rank the towns in the Council’s area according to funding priority. This analysis uncovered four priority towns for funding, which were all approved.

Read the full customer story here. For more information on how our data and solutions can support your business growth please get in touch with us.

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