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Using CACI’s Acorn segmentation to improve take-up of lateral flow testing (LFT)

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The Challenge

In December 2020, Local Authorities in England took on the responsibility of COVID-19 mass testing using lateral flow tests (LFT). As test data became available, Coventry City Council was keen to ensure that the profile of those taking up the test reflected the overall profile of the population.

The Solution

Analyst Dr Harriet Rowthorn and her team recognised that CACI’s Acorn profiling data could be utilised to understand who within the target audience was not taking up the opportunity for LFT testing.  
We receive Lateral Flow Test data at case level, so we have a postcode for each person who has taken a test,” Harriet explained. “We analyse the data week-by-week to reveal the locations and characteristics of people that are not coming forward as much as we expect.”

The Benefits

Data and insight have become increasingly valuable to Local Authorities, especially during and beyond the pandemic. Acorn data provides a granular, real-time picture of local community profiles and behaviours, allowing local authorities to act with confidence through up-to-date information and to model for the future. LFT is one of many of the Coventry Council’s community programmes that has enhanced as a result of the insight provided by the Public Health Intelligence team drawn from Acorn data. 

This data helps the council understand relevant marketing channels, social media habits, and internet usage. Coventry Council can now focus their resources in specific areas with relevant communications and engagement activities.

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