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How Acorn put a thriving island on the map for investors and commerce

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The Challenge

When a property developer looking to attract larger UK multiples approached the Business Isle of Man and requested a demographic report to assess the commercial viability case for their brands, the Business Isle of Man had no comprehension of the Isle of Man’s demographic.

The Solution

Rachel Hopkinson, Business Development Manager at Business Isle of Man, expressed the benefits that having demographic data from Acorn has had on the business.  
We have never before seen such a detailed analysis of our population across the island, including Douglas (the Island capital),” she explained. “Although our Island population is under 100,000, there is a big opportunity for retail and leisure businesses. Isle of Man retailers perform exceptionally well compared to the UK because we have a wealthy population and a captive audience. Now, we have the demographic data to show why this is the case.”

The Benefits

Tim Cowsill, Head of Business Isle of Man, elaborated on the ‘ungreying’ of the map that this demographic data has helped the Isle of Man achieve. 
Now, the Isle of Man can be considered alongside the UK as part of CACI’s trusted dataset and modelling, with the same granular, visual demographic detail. For the first time, investors, retailers and businesses can build reliable modelling into their business cases at postcode level.”

Read the full customer story here. For more information on how our data and solutions can support your business growth please get in touch with us.

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