How Acorn strengthens your location planning & strategy

Location planning via Acorn

Acorn gives organisations looking to expand their site portfolio and improve their location planning strategy access to secure and reliable consumer insights. This data can be used to better understand customers — including their behaviours and lifestyle — within your catchment area. It can also be used to make informed location planning decisions to ensure that store networks are optimised.

What types of location planning & strategy challenges can Acorn help mitigate?

No location planning or strategisation process comes without its challenges. Acorn can help your business tackle these challenges by:

  • Predicting primary and secondary catchments that will help your business plan for new site locations
  • Identifying customer profiles that currently exist within your business’ catchments
  • Finding gaps in the market and exploring new markets to determine the suitability of new site locations.

What are the benefits of using Acorn during location planning & strategisation?

Businesses that harness Acorn’s data capabilities as part of their location planning & strategisation process experience a range of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the UK by breaking down postcode sectors that forms an integral part of catchment planning
  • Population profiles of customers that are highly detailed to make the most secure decisions when it comes to new site location acquisition
  • The confidence of working with a provider that has a proven track record of supplying accurate, up-to-date sociodemographic data
  • The ongoing support and consultancy that CACI provides from start to finish.

What types of results can your business achieve by using Acorn?

Acorn can help your business successfully plan for store openings in the UK. Its geodemographic data capabilities can equip you with in-depth insight that can be referenced for sign-off on new stores or inform your business’ future location planning and decision-making. Acorn gives you and your business the freedom to confidently explore new opportunities and make decisions that are based on real-time data rather than guessing market trends and behaviours.

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