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Acorn is used by hundreds of brands to provide insight into their customers’ demographic and lifestyle characteristics, enabling them to create successful engagement strategies with appropriate messaging through the right channel.

It can be used to profile geographic areas to assess local demand for products or services and compare to other regions of the country. This means local authorities can better understand the make-up of their citizens to prioritise resources and retailers can understand market potential to mitigate risks for expansion planning.

Using Acorn to profile your best customers enables you to find lookalike prospects for planning media spend, targeting by door drops, direct mail or online display advertising.

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Acorn support

Acorn is available as a dataset of postcodes, which can be applied to your customer database. It can also be used at a geographic area level either to understand the profile of a catchment area or as a count of households or populations for market sizing. We provide a range of tools to support your use of Acorn.

  • Pen portraits and videos to help with your understanding of the key characteristics of the Acorn Types
  • Knowledge sheets provide an in depth understanding of the demographics, lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes of each Acorn segment
  • Acorn dashboards are available for both Tableau and PowerBI
  • Profiler - is a simple way of analysing your customer files in a desktop tool

We have a team of experts who can assist with your use of Acorn for any specific application, please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Useful downloads

We have a range of useful documents you may wish to download and read at your leisure or keep for future reference.